Why Online Reputation Management is Important

A company’s online reputation is of critical importance. While a business may not actually sell its goods or services online, the word that is spread about their sales and service between reviewers on the internet often determines how much new and repeat business they can look forward to.

How does online reputation impact your line of work? What do you stand to benefit from employing the services of online reputation management? At DigiPoint, we believe that every field can see major growth to their sales and reviews by improving and monitoring their online reputation. Here are just a few examples of the many kinds of businesses we help with this every day:

Online Reputation Management for Doctors

Now more than ever reputation management for physicians is a major factor in determining the continued business a clinic or practice will see. People want to know what others think and have experienced in dealing with their potential healthcare providers. This is why there are entire websites devoted to the online reputation of doctors – and why, if you’re a physician, you need to have someone keeping an eye on yours.

Reputation management for dentists, surgeons, pediatricians and many other types of healthcare providers encompasses monitoring these sites, local reviews and more, to give you the clearest picture of how your practice is being perceived online. Through regular monitoring, you can address common complaints or outlying issues and ensure happier patients – and more referrals in the future.

Online Reputation Management for Politicians

Perhaps no line of work is more dependent on public opinion than that of politics. With online reputation management, politicians can see real-time feedback of what people are saying, sharing and talking about regarding both their own campaign and the relevant issues that impact it. With this feedback, changes can be made and statements can be issued to reinforce the faith of voters and sway those who are still on the fence.

What’s more, currently-seated politicians can use this monitoring to meet the needs of those they represent, ensuring better outcomes in voter satisfaction during their terms.

Online Reputation Management for Lawyers

Lawyers already struggle with an unfortunate stigma in the court of public opinion. Many people perceive legal professionals as being less than trustworthy. While this reputation is often unfairly-awarded, it can be made even more unfair when people spread untrue information online.

Protect your legal practice and bolster your positive public reputation. Consult an online reputation management professional for assistance with keeping things lit with a positive light in the public eye. Your caseload will grow along with your good reputation.

Online Reputation Management for Real Estate Agents and Firms

Real estate agents rely very heavily on the public perception of both their firm and their own personal ability to find the right properties for buyers at the right price. With so many of today’s home buyers now shopping online, it’s imperative to the modern real estate agent to have a solid online presence – and to have a sterling reputation amongst consumers turning to real estate websites for guidance. Reputation management for real estate helps agents and the companies they sell for be ready when their next buyer reaches out by giving them the confidence they need to hand over a business card or pass along an email address knowing the information associated with their name will be positive.

Online Reputation Management for Restaurants

These days, people use a variety of apps and websites to find restaurants to frequent in their own hometown and in the cities they are visiting. This makes the online reputation of these restaurants just as important – if not more so – than the “word around town”. Having online reputation management for restaurants at your disposal means that you’ll be able to keep an eye on what people are buying and what they’re saying about your establishment, and address any necessary concerns. That way, when hungry customers go looking for information about your eatery online, what they’ll find will be nothing but encouragement to give your place a try.

Online Reputation Management for Small Businesses

Perhaps nowhere is a positive online reputation more important than in the case of small, local businesses. These companies are already at a disadvantage to larger businesses in their same field; dealing with negative feedback or false information being spread online impacts them at a much greater level than a bigger brand would deal with.

Reputation management for car dealers, dry cleaners, hair stylists and many other small business owners can help make a positive impact for these proprietors and their businesses. By monitoring everything from reviews on local forums to information shared on social media, online reputation management can mean the difference in mediocre sales and profits and those that catapult small businesses into the world of franchising and more.

For more information on how your business can benefit from online reputation management, contact us. We’ll show you just how important monitoring this information can be to maintain and grow your customer base and helping you keep those customers coming back!


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